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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Prince Harry and Meghan Visit Scotland and Edinburgh Castle

Caption: Harry and Meghan appeared to be delighted to meet Cruachan IV - and its very impressive hair - outside Edinburgh Castle 

Prince Harry has revealed he is a fan of Edinburgh's homeless-supporting sandwich shop - in sharp contrast to the views of councillors in Windsor who want vagrants swept off the streets ahead of this year's Royal Wedding.

After receiving a rapturous welcome with Meghan Markle from the people of Edinburgh today, he praised cafe Social Bite which works to support people living on the streets.

Co-founder Josh Littlejohn said the organisation aims to get people off the streets by giving them employment and helping them find their own accommodation.

Harry said: 'When are you bringing this down south?

When you've proved it really works, it needs to be across the UK as soon as possible.  Click link for blog for full post from The Daily Mail.

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