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Friday, February 11, 2011

Camilla, The Great Survivor, Is a Charming Ally

Ladies who lunch: Kate Middleton, with Camilla Parker Bowles, pictured together this week. Photo: IKON PICTURES
As she prepares to marry into the Royal family, there are few people who can be more helpful to Catherine than Camilla. For she too is a relative newcomer, and what she went through on the road to Clarence House is recent and wildly relevant to what Catherine is embarking on.
Camilla has been married to the Prince of Wales for over five years, but she cannot have forgotten what her old life was like. For many years, the world’s press gossiped about her relationship with the Prince and monitored her movements from the supermarkets of Chippenham to the hunting field of the Beaufort. A less resilient woman would have cracked under the strain but, eventually, Mrs Parker Bowles married the man she had first consorted with 40 years before.

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