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Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Queen Visits Bristol as Part of Jubilee Tour

Fenn Wright Manson Little Black DressThe Queen visited Bailey Caravan Factory in the city's southwestern town, Ashton Vale.

Taking time to explore some of the latest motorhomes, even enjoying a short ride in one, Queen Elizabeth was shown around by Bailey's managing director Nick Howard.

Prompted by their want to see manufacturing businesses in the city the royal couple also perused some caravans that were still under construction.

Visiting in 1958 was one of her most memorable trips. The Queen was given the honour of making the first ever directly dialed long-distance phone call in the UK.

Prior to her Majesty's call from Bristol's Central Telephone Exchange to the Lord Provost of Edinburgh, members of the public had to be connected by an operator.

The White CompanyHer Royal Highness' call to Scotland, the greatest distance a person could make on the new system, lasted for two minutes and five seconds and cost around nine pence.

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