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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Queen Heads Off to Sandringham for Christmas

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Caption: Queen Elizabeth, left, arrives at King's Cross train station today to take a train to King's Lynn for their annual Christmas break at Sandringham

The Queen and Prince Philip were greeted by excited workmen today as they arrived at King's Cross station to take a train to Sandringham for their annual Christmas stay.

Their well-wishers - a group of construction workers - snapped away with their camera phones as the couple stepped out of their car.

In keeping with tradition, the Royal couple then boarded a train to King's Lynn station in Norfolk on a 90-minute journey to the private estate where they will enjoy the festivities surrounded by family.

She surprised other passengers by travelling first class on the 10.45am First Capital Connect service from the station.

They discreetly joined more than 50 other unsuspecting people on the train. The scheduled service, which had no buffet car or refreshments trolley, went via Cambridge and arrived six minutes late at 12.26pm in King's Lynn, Norfolk.

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