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Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Queen Will Visit Italy in the Fall, Meet Pope Francis

Caption: The monarch plans to make a state visit this autumn Photo: AFP 

The Queen plans to make a state visit overseas in the autumn, after suggestions that she would give up foreign travel. “Her Majesty has no intention of giving up travelling,” a senior courtier tells (Mandrake).

“Although the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh may make fewer overseas trips than they once did, the visits will continue.”

HarrodsIt is understood that the couple are likely to visit Rome, where they may meet Pope Francis for the first time. They had been due to travel to the Italian capital in March, but the trip was cancelled after the Queen was admitted to the King Edward VII’s Hospital suffering from what officials described as gastroenteritis. She spent only night in hospital, though, and soon resumed her engagements.

The trip would be her first visit abroad since she travelled to Australia in October 2011. The Italian trip is likely to be followed by a longer journey next year to one of the 15 overseas countries of which she is head of state. Click link for full post from The Telegraph