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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Kate Busy Overseeing the Final Touches on Renovation of Anmer Hall @ Sandringham Estate

Caption: Smiling Kate Middleton has been absent since returning from Australia [GETTY]

WHERE WAS the Duchess of Cambridge when her husband was hobnobbing with all those models and actresses at the Royal Marsden Hospital dinner at Windsor Castle last week (when her absence was said to have disgruntled the event's sponsor, the American fashion designer Ralph Lauren)?

Indeed, what has Kate been doing since she returned from Australia?

The official line is that she has been looking after baby George at Kensington Palace, but in fact much of her time has been spent at Anmer Hall, where she has been overseeing the final touches to their 10-bedroom house on the Sandringham estate, which is now almost ready.  Click link for full post from EXPRESS.