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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Kate Dispells Pregnancy Rumours in Scotland As She Enjoys Tasting at Scotish Distillery

Caption: Kate appeared to enjoy tasting the whisky with William [PA]

THE Duchess of Cambridge dispelled pregnancy rumours in downmarket US supermarket magazines by going on a mini drinking spree today.

At the Famous Grouse Glenturret distillery, she knocked back the whisky and then hit the mother's ruin - gin - when she and William arrived at Forteviot Fete, near Perth.

Downing a shot of £55 Strathearn heather rose gin and tonic, she said: "I'd better not drink too much because of all the whisky I've had at Glenturret."

At the distillery, she enjoyed a couple of sips of whisky, only a small measure that she called a "girlie one".Click link for full post from EXPRESS.

Kate - Duchess of Cambridge