Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Kate's Phone Hacked 155 Times By Former Royal Reporter

Allegations: Kate Middleton and Prince William on the day of their graduation at St Andrew's University in June 2005. 

The Duchess was said in court to have been first hacked in December that year by Goodman Disgraced former royal reporter Clive Goodman hacked Kate Middleton’s phones 155 times in eight months, he admitted for the first time yesterday.

The former News of the World royal editor hacked Miss Middleton – now the Duchess of Cambridge – on an almost daily basis, including on Christmas Day.

He also frequently intercepted the voicemails of Princes William and Harry. Goodman, who was jailed for hacking mobiles belonging to royal aides in 2007, said he had not previously told police or prosecutors about the true extent of his hacking because he was never asked about it. Click lick for full post from The Daily Mail.