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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Prince George's Peter Rabbit First Birthday Party!!

One might think a future monarch’s first birthday party would be a palatial affair with tiny party crowns, a miniature throne, perhaps even a few liveried footmen carrying in a towering cake to the sound of trumpets, as saluting soldiers march past the regal tot.

In truth, however, the Windsor tradition of first birthdays has always tended towards the simple. Fortunately for peachy-cheeked Prince George, he can rely on the Middleton family, who make it their business — literally — to throw a good party.

Today, a full three days before his actual birthday, George was due to be taken by his parents to the Middletons’ home outside Bucklebury in Berkshire.

Although it is being described as a low-key ‘private family occasion’, much thought has gone into making it a perfect first birthday.

The presents — a football, wooden train, fleecy top and special photos and recordings — will not be lavish but have been chosen with love and care: there will be a special cake from his Spanish nanny, a piece of lace from his Italian housekeeper, a beautiful polo top and sun hat from Carole and his aunt Pippa.

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