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Monday, December 29, 2014

Sophie Turns 50 -- Is There a "Friendly" Rivalry Between Sophie and Kate?

In three weeks’ time the Countess of Wessex, once Sophie Rhys-Jones, will turn 50 - and is prettier than ever 

In three weeks’ time the former Sophie Rhys-Jones, who has spent the past decade behaving just as she did in Zermatt this year, barely causing a ripple on the royal pond, will be 50.

This is the age when royal wives are usually backing delicately out of the limelight, but suddenly Sophie is plunging wholly into it. She has undergone a transformation.

Where she used to be a comfortable figure in her clothes, she now exudes a slender and highly fashionable edge.

Her hair is subtly highlighted. She is prettier now than ever.

And in a daring revelation, her first significant observations on fashion concern the delicate and contentious issue of the burka. Click link for full post from The Daily Mail.