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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Australian Magazine Photoshops "Altered" Kate on Their Current Cover

Cover: Unusual appearance: The Duchess of Cambridge looked drastically different on the cover of Woman's Day magazine this week

The Duchess of Cambridge was her usual glowing self when she made a public appearance at the new Kensington Leisure Centre in London last week.

But the pregnant royal looked vastly different when an image from the day was published on the cover of an Australian magazine on Monday. Woman's Day featured a photo of Kate dressed in a baby-blue coat, smiling warmly as she clutched a large bunch of flowers.

However, the 33-year-old's appearance had changed drastically when printed on the magazine cover, the mother of one sporting lightened eyes and a layer of pink colouring on her lips.

The apparent alteration also extended to her earrings, which gave off an added sparkle. Woman's Day is Australia's top women's weekly magazine, with a circulation of 320,398 and a readership of around two million.Click link for full post from The Daily Mail.