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Friday, August 21, 2015

Royal Rumblings Continue....Why was Kate a No-Show Last Week-end?

Caption: The Duchess of Cambridge with Princess Charlotte 

So why didn’t Kate attend. 

Close friends insist Kate’s critics are cruelly ignoring the sheer exhaustion of managing toddler George — who hit the terrible twos in July — and his baby sister.

It is also quite possible that the Duchess is still breastfeeding 16-week-old Charlotte and was therefore unwilling to interrupt her routine by having to fit the nursing schedule around a wedding that would have meant a 650-mile round-trip.

Like many mothers, she has found breastfeeding at times difficult and tiring — that was especially the case with George.

Consider, too, the fact that had she attended, much of the spotlight would have been on her and not the bride, and one begins to understand why she decided to stay away to avoid the hullabaloo.  Click link for full post from The Daily Mail.