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Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Queen & Prince William Pose for Photographs for The Queen's People Exhibition

Caption: The Queen from all angles and Prince William in uniform 

PHOTOGRAPHERS are used to dealing with subjects who are camera shy, but when Hugo Rittson was shooting the Queen it was she who had to comfort him.

The portraitist, who has pictured the Dalai Lama and David Cameron, told how the monarch calmed him down when his digital camera froze as he snapped a striking four-way image.

He said: The camera had a digital seizure but luckily I was about two-thirds of the way into the shoot but she was very calm and cool and put me at my ease.

Using mirrors, Rittson captured the Queen from the front, back and sides in an image inspired by Anthony van Dyck's famous triple portrait f Charles II.

NORDSTROM - Shop Versace Fall 2015The Duke of Cambridge and Duchess of Cornwall also posed for the photographer and all the images will be part of the exhibition The Queen's People.

The Queen's People exhibition will be held at Eleven Gallery, London, from August 19 to September 19.  Click link for full post from EXPRESS.