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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Defending Kate Middleton

Caption: Too heavy? How callously they zoom in on her immaculate smokey eye make-up lest her kohl be too heavy

From The Daily Mail:

Every time she leaves her home, computer keyboards across the globe tap in unison, critically dissecting her 33-year-old woman’s body

No human being, I would suggest, can stand the level of attention that Kate receives.

Since her two pregnancies, Kate has, there’s no denying, become thinner still. But, rather than criticising her, surely we should all try to understand.

Let’s not forget the dreadfully acute morning sickness she suffered for months on end. And imagine having just given birth after a ghastly pregnancy and then having to step out on to the steps of the hospital and be photographed by the world’s media.

Such is the life of a modern royal. People’s appetite for fairytale-gilded princesses seems insatiable. 

Poor Kate. The pretty young woman from the Home Counties who had the good luck, or misfortune, to fall in love with a Prince.

How does she cope with being the subject of such relentless commentary?

Nothing could possibly have prepared her for the unending pressure of becoming a senior member of The Firm, the sheer weight of responsibility of being a future king’s consort, of raising the next generation of monarchs.

Who among us could — or would want to — walk in her shoes, be they the sparkliest of Jimmy Choos? And yet the ‘haters’ keep on hating.

Not many women could glide onto the red carpet, effortlessly stealing the limelight from a coterie of exquisite Bond girls.

Particularly not if they were a harried mother-of-two with a high-profile job who gave birth only six months ago — and having to cope with the unbelievable pressures of her role as well as the global adulation that goes with it.

But on Monday, the Duchess of Cambridge did just that at the world premiere of the new James Bond film, Spectre.

As polished and poised as ever, Kate was a vision in diaphanous ice-blue chiffon.

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