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Sunday, November 6, 2016

James Middleton On Being Kate's Little Brother

James Middleton is sitting in the Berkshire office of his personalised marshmallow company Boomf, his adored cocker spaniel Ella by his feet.

Ella is the mother of Lupo, the puppy James gave William and Kate as a wedding present five years ago.

Ella and her pup, with their shiny hair and impeccable manners (much like their owners), are blissfully unaware of their royal connection.

When somebody is interested in me only for my connections I can spot it a mile off

James, however, can hardly escape it. He was 23 when he became brother-in-law to the future king.

His elder sister’s marriage not only changed her life for ever but thrust her whole family into the limelight: parents Carole and Michael, sister Pippa and James, the youngest.

‘It’s always been, whether at school or now, that I am Pippa and Catherine’s little brother. It’s probably going to be the story of my life.

[But] I am James Middleton. I am very proud to be “the little brother of…” but, equally, they are proud that I am who I am.’  Click link for full post from The Daily Mail.


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