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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Prince Harry Arrives in Antigua Today

Caption: The fifth-in-line to the throne has arrived in Antigua today 

During his tour Harry will mark the 50th anniversary of independence for Barbados, celebrate the same historic milestone in Guyana and the 35th anniversary of independence for Antigua and Barbuda.

Pop star Rihanna will headline a concert extravaganza marking Barbados's anniversary and Harry is likely to meet the global superstar and the other performers when the event is held on the country's independence day, November 30.

For six nights Harry will travel and stay on a Royal Fleet Auxiliary refuelling tanker, the Wave Knight, which was already in the region on counter-narcotics duty and on stand-by for disaster relief. 

The Prince was accompanied by an entourage of 10.  Click link for full post from EXPRESS.

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