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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Kate Visits the Victoria and Albert Museum New Million Dollar Entrance

Caption: Kate toured the V&A Exhibition Road Quarter's new spaces

Not for the first time, Kate’s choice of outfit prompted comparisons with Jackie Kennedy’s look, as she opened a £54.5 million new entrance, courtyard, and exhibition gallery at the museum in South Kensington.

It was the first time that the Duchess, who wears a variety of labels but usually tries to promote British fashion, had worn a Gucci outfit at an official engagement. Shop Gucci at Harrods @

More than 150 years after Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert inspired the creation of an area of museums and educational institutions in the swanky London district, Kate, 35, became the latest resident of Kensington Palace to celebrate the V&A. Click link for full post from EXPRESS.

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