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Monday, April 2, 2012

Rare Photos of Princess Diana Unveiled at Popular British TV Show

Caption: Never seen before: The picture was taken by society photographer Lord Snowdon, and shows Princess Diana posing with her two young sons

Caption Left: Also unveiled: A black and white photograph of Princess Diana with baby Harry, taken at the end of the prince's Christening, and a picnic scene featuring Prince Charles, Diana, and their sons. 

In contrast to their mother's expression, the two princes look rather glum - and it appears they had their reasons.

The young royals had apparently become bored with their mother's studio photoshoot and had wandered off for a bite to eat at the end of the sitting.

When they returned, curious to see what was going on, they were unwillingly hauled before the camera again. Read Full Post From DAILYMAIL. The Rachel Zoe Collection: Natural Wonder. Now available at!