Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cooking for the Queen. Could You Take the Heat in Her Majesty's Kitchens?

Royal chef: Darren McGrady worked for the Royal family for 15 years – for Her Majesty until 1993, and for Diana, Princess of Wales until her death in 1997 Photo: Alamy

They say you can tell a lot about a person from what they eat. During the 60 years that she has been on the throne, the Queen’s diet has fascinated us. Her penchant for jam pennies – tiny, crustless sandwiches cut into circles – with afternoon tea, for example.

The pre‑bedtime gin and Dubonnet habit she inherited from her mother. The breadsticks she slips into her handbag at state dinners to feed to her corgis.

The time she sent a dish back to a Michelin-trained chef, because he’d used a whole lemon in the garnish, and “surely it could be used again?”.

But only one person knows the truth about Her Majesty’s eating habits: the royal cook. The position is currently held by Mark Flanagan, formerly of the prestigious Wentworth Golf Club, who heads up a team of 20 below stairs at Buckingham Palace.

This week, however, a new position opened up in the royal kitchens: the Queen has advertised for a sous chef, to cater for decadent state banquets, grand canapé receptions and intimate lunches. Click link for full post from The Telegraph.Could you take the heat in Her Majesty’s kitchens? - Telegraph

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