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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Kate Insists She Does Not Know the Sex of Royal Baby #2 -- But It's Kicking All the Time!!!!

Lucky George! The little prince was also given life membership of the pool and his very own kit bag with his name embroidered on to it 

Coffee morning: The Duchess' first stop of the day was at Family Friends, where Kate took part in a coffee morning with volunteers The Duchess of Cambridge has revealed that her second child, which is due in late April, is very active - and admitted that the infant spent most of this morning's visit to Kensington kicking her.

Kate, who also revealed that she and the Duke of Cambridge don't know the sex of their unborn child, was speaking to 17-year-old Martina McDonagh who she met during a tour of the newly reopened Kensington Leisure Centre.

'It's moving all the time. I can feel it kicking now', said the 33-year-old Duchess as she held her stomach to show the disabled teenager. 'I told her I hoped it was a girl but she said she doesn't know yet,' said Martina afterwards. 'She said it was moving around a lot.'

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