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Monday, June 6, 2016

"Princess of E Street" Olivia Tallent Causes Internet Frenzy Posting Picture with Prince Harry!

Caption: Olivia Tallent posted a picture with Prince Harry on her Instagram 

THE teenage daughter of one of rock star Bruce Springsteen's band members has sparked an internet frenzy after posting a picture of herself with Prince Harry.

Tallent, 19-year-old daughter of the E Street Band's bassist Garry Tallent, prompted wild rumours that she was the new love of the fifth in line to the throne after sharing a backstage photo of herself at Wembley with the smiling Prince, his arm around her waist, captioned "new boyfriend".

On her Instagram account, she also wrote: "Princess Olivia has a pretty nice ring to it, right?"

Harry, 31, joined a crowd backstage enjoying Springsteen's concert at Wembley on Sunday night and met the band later.

Springsteen's guitarist Stevie Van Zandt joked about a burgeoning romance, tweeting: "Royalty visits Wembley! But who's the guy the Princess of E Street is with?" Click link for full post from EXPRESS.

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